“I incline to the view that reality is, figuratively speaking, a theater, arbitrarily circumscribed so that what passes within it can seem or be comprehensible and meaningful”.

Marilynne Robinson

In Rehearsals, I use found imagery, to create theatrical narratives. My intent in these paintings is to produce liminal landscapes: places of transition, disruption and possibility that arise out of my combining disparately sourced elements. I am also fascinated with gesture, the way we humans position our arms and limbs and what our resulting gestures can convey. Gesture is primal to human communication, to the stories we tell ourselves and others. The narratives I paint are not specific. There is often no single or clear meaning, no easily determined perspective. I am interested in multiple perspectives, how each being in a painting carries at least one story. And how no one story is primary. I am drawn to the uncanny, the mysterious, the unexpected and to environments that seem marginal, peripheral and that offer the viewer a sense of being betwixt and between, being both awake and dreaming.