Patrick Treacy

Visual Artist
Winnipeg, Canada

shows & series


Rehearsals Series


In Rehearsals, I use found imagery, to create theatrical narratives. My intent in these paintings is to produce liminal landscapes: places of transition, disruption and possibility that arise out of my combining disparately sourced elements. I am also fascinated with gesture, the way we humans position our arms and limbs and what our resulting gestures can convey. 

Bushland Series


My childhood spent in parts of Manitoba’s and Ontario’s Precambrian Shield continues to exert a strong pull on my creative imagination.  I am trying to find forms for my childhood impressions and ways to place my experiences in a larger cultural context.

Magpie Beauty


I am someone who dislikes clutter. I am also an artist who makes things using innumerable found materials, mostly from books and magazines. As a magpie gatherer, I am always conscious of the need for containment and organization or face chaos in my workspace.

Acteon Project


For many years the forest has been one of my enduring subjects. In this project I worked towards an aesthetic of embodiment, creating metaphors for establishing a strong human presence within the landscape. This involves creating spaces that embody many things: memories, dreams, pleasures and sometimes feelings of estrangement and even terror.

Acteon Drawings


In the Acteon Project I use a classical Greek myth with a long history within European visual traditions, as a means of combining the landscape and the human figure. Rather than re-telling the story I am interested in seeing where my experimentation with the concept of metamorphosis will lead me.


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